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Innovation to leverage your data and navigate optimally your business

Use Cases

  • Marketing: Customer to target etc.
  • Fraud detection: Which operations are suspects etc.
  • Quality Control: Which items are likely to be defect etc.
  • Revenue: Provision money, staff etc.
  • Inventory Management: Minimize surplus and shortages
  • Production: Predict adjusted production
  • Recommendations: Which product recommend, to which costumer
  • Maintenance: Reduce costs improving the level of service
  • Management: Which operations would be the most profitable considering the context


  • User-friendly Interface
  • Quick setup of an optimal solution thanks to pre-exsting components
  • Secure and encrypted Connection
  • Every trasmitted data is encrypted
  • Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed prior to collaboration
  • Application or API to integrate to your existing solution
  • Costumisable solution fitting your needs
  • Follow-up to fit changing requirements, models permanently adapted

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Our Mission

Artificial Intelligence (machine learning, deep learning) made tremendous progress over the last years

However, those progress still keep mostly locked in research labs and very large companies that can afford consequent data teams. Meanwhile, large unused amount of data accumulate

Our mission is thus to enable each company benefiting from thos progress, creating real and impactful added value

For this, we commit to deploy simple, user-friendly and efficient solutions.

Who we are

Denis Capel, Co-Founder and CEO

Ten years im Management of the Bocuse group gave me the opportunity to get a good sense of service and quality. Strong of this experience I can concretely approach AI support for business activities.

Manuel Capel, Co-Founder and CTO

Manuel studied at the ENSAI, worked as a developer and data scientist during many years in various contexts (corporates, administrations, start-ups and academics) and countries (France, Germany and Switzerland).


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