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Machine learning (ML) embedded on microcontrollers, also called TinyML, allows the use and exploitation of many information captured by the device, especially sensor data. This paves the way for a vast variety of use cases:

Advantages of running Machine Learning on device:

Energy efficiency
  • Consumption of few mW
  • Can run one year on a button cell
  • Does not rely on a communication chanel to run
  • Maintenance costs reduced
  • no transmission channel to run the algorithm
  • no processing on a central server => Reduced surface of attack

On-device malware detection

Embedded systems and IoT objects are spreading at an always faster pace. So do also attacks targeting them

At Parcoor we are ongoingly developing innovating malware detection solution. This solution is based on a novel micro-event deep-learning approach for protecting microcontrolers at their hearts.

  • Takes existing approaches to the next level with embedded deep-learning. State-of-the-art detection performance in terms of precision of false negative/positive rate thanks to novel data processing and evaluation approach
  • Allows the detection within a wide range of malware families: Backdoors, trojans, toolkits...
  • Algorithm design, compiled and built to run optimally on your microcontroler

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Our Mission

Artificial Intelligence (machine learning, deep learning) made tremendous progress over the last years.

However, those progress still keep mostly locked in research labs and very large companies that can afford consequent data teams. Meanwhile, large unused amount of data accumulate.

TinyML is a relative recent area of machine learning. This allows a wide range of novel applications directly on device, especially for their protection.

Our mission is thus to enable each company benefiting from thos progress, creating real and impactful added value.

For this, we commit to deploy simple, user-friendly and efficient solutions.

Who we are

Denis Capel, Co-Founder and CEO

Ten years im Management of the Bocuse group gave me the opportunity to get a good sense of service and quality. Strong of this experience I can concretely approach AI support for business activities.

Manuel Capel, Co-Founder and CTO

Manuel studied at the ENSAI, worked as a developer and data scientist during many years in various contexts (corporates, administrations, start-ups and academics) and countries (France, Germany and Switzerland).


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