Monitoring and enhanced protection for connected devices From predictive maintenance to cybersecurity, our embedded software solutions enable manufacturers and users of connected equipment to constantly maintain them at a high level of availability.

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Our solutions

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Predictive Maintenance

Different anomalies can affect your device : downtimes, failures, dangerous changes in its operating environments, etc.
Parcoor solution comes packaged and modular for a fast and uncomplicated deployments on your devices.

  • Improved device availability rate
  • Optimized device fleet maintenance management

Our solution entails not only its core with the models for evaluating the state of the device, but also an API for transmitting relevant data to a server on premise or on the cloud. It can also come with an interactive dashboard for representing graphically the input and output of the models in an appealing and intuitive way.
This makes identifying, investing and solving the anomaly at hand way faster and easier.
Use cases : Anomaly detection, Hardware failure detection, etc.

Threat Detection

Based on our monitoring and our machine-learning blocks, our solutions form a powerful attack detection and mitigation layer, protecting your fleet of embedded devices from threats and vulnerabilities, and ensuring embedded cybersecurity and autonomous real-time detection, including "0 day" malwares.

  • Surface of attack reduced
  • Reaction speed
  • High-precision detection

Novel innovative cyber-threats require novel protection approaches, beyond the current signature-based or static analysis ones.
IoT devices are increasingly becoming a weak security part exploited by malicious and hostile actors for disruption, data-leaking etc. against targetted organizations, causing significant risks and losses.
Our approach is inspired by Academic researches that demonstrate excellent results. With Parcoor, your industry can benefit from our industry-grade improvements of those researches.
Use cases : Malware detection, Attack vector detection.
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Our technologies

Bring Intelligence into your Embedded Device

Machine learning (ML) embedded on small devices, also called TinyML, paves the way for a wide spectrum of new applications using and leveraging many information directly on-device.

At Parcoor, our on-device solutions consist in independant blocks: system monitoring and/or ML signal classification. Put together, those blocks determine the anomaly of the current state of your device that would otherwise fly under the radar until they cause costly damages.

Core Monitoring

The first block of our technology consists in in-depth system monitoring. Provides you actionable insights from the deep core of your systems, giving you access to a new dimension of information. High precision and non-intrusive.

This block packages a solution for real-time, precise and non-intrusive fetching of a variety of micro-events at the deep heart of your system.
Beyond cybersecurity, this block can assist you identifying and killing bottlenecks in performance critical applications.
Use cases : High performance computing, High frequency trading, Monitoring execution of time-critical complex computations, etc.
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Signal Processing

The second block of our technology is an in-house cutting-edge machine learning layer specially and directly designed for embedded systems. Low overhead, reliable and explainable: You not only know what decisions it takes, but also why.

TinyML is a relative recent area of machine learning.
Other than classical embedded machine learning solutions (developed with heavy frameworks and later fitted for IoT devices) our ML block was designed from the beginning for devices with resource constraints, focussing on high performance and with explainability in mind. Because you should not have to rely on a black-box for vital decisions.
Use cases : Anomaly detection, Hardware failure detection, Attack detection, etc.


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Who we are

Parcoor is a company based in Lyon, France, since 2019. Parcoor has developed forecasting solutions used in checkout systems, novel propagation algorithms featured in major French medias. We have been also awarded by the French Prime Minister Office (Grand Défi Cybersécurité) and were finalists of the Software Republic challenge (consortium grouping Renault, Thales, Orange…) and AI@Centech (Thales) for the innovation brought by the embedded cybersecurity solutions we have developed.

Our mission is to bring cutting edge intelligence at the heart of devices, no matter their capacity. For this, we make the development from the state-of-the-art research to improve it further and make it industry-grade. This is possible thanks to our unique combination of expertise in embedded development, ML algorithmic and mathematics - and our hands-on experience on the field.


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